Why Us?

It’s how we get to a smile.
We believe in the power of a smile and 100% of our focus is on making sure every child has their chance to shine.

Going Where Others Don’t

In the world’s most remote areas, there are not enough qualified medical professionals to fill the current demand for treatment, and there is a significant backlog of patients in dire need of care. These are the underserved and the forgotten – places where other organizations ignore. This is where we go.

Local First

We collaborate with local in-country experts that understand the cultural issues in these underserved areas and can effectively deploy patient outreach programs. We then enhance the awareness and skills of these caregivers – and ultimately create larger sustainable care networks — so that no child ever has to wait for surgery and follow-up care.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Being flexible and nimble are critical parts of our business model. Our collective experience has proven that each community and region in which we work is unique in many ways, so each of our programs are strategically designed to reflect the nuances of a geographic area with medical professionals who live and work there. This approach ensures we deploy the right resources in the right way.

It’s Not Just Surgery

We utilize a multidisciplinary approach in the care and treatment of patients with cleft – from pediatric and dental care to speech therapy and social services. Dedicated care centers, like in Fortaleza, Brazil, provide year-round comprehensive care services so patients and families can fully heal.

Focus on Patient Safety

Our Medical Advisory Council is highly experienced in providing care for patients with cleft and visit care facilities and partner hospitals to provide oversight and conduct audits to ensure we are fulfilling our mission to provide the very best care.

Creating Long-Term Change

To achieve our goal of treating every child with a cleft, our emphasis is on building programs that can grow to meet demand. This includes supporting training and education, establishing or equipping care centers, conducting community outreach and building trusted partnerships with entities that share our vision.

Business Smarts with Bright Hearts

Since our founding in 2013, Bright Faces is run with a responsibility to both our donors and patients. We employ a compassionate, business-centric model, ensuring that donated funds go the furthest in providing patients with quality care, free of charge. Minimal overhead and infrastructure coupled with supporting and investing in local programs and partners, allows Bright Faces to cost-effectively promote long-term sustainability – resulting in a higher number of patients treated.

Just like a business, we believe in the bottom line – to create more Bright Faces.