One act of kindness can change a life…forever.
Nearly 500 children are born each day with a life-threatening cleft
That’s almost one child every 3 minutes. They need your help.

To create Bright Faces for every child, everywhere.

We go where others don’t

Our drive every day is to reach the children who are forgotten — and provide access to quality care no matter where someone lives

We think long-term

Every program focuses on establishing and expanding local medical capacity, so we can reach even more patients now and into the future

We do it for $195

Because of our nimble and highly-efficient business centric model – a single cleft surgery can cost as little as $195

We go beyond surgery

Our holistic approach provides patients with comprehensive care including postnatal, dental, speech and hearing treatment

Over 5,000 Bright Faces just like this have been created in over 20 countries.

But more children need hope and healing. Together, we can reach those who need us most and help change and save lives.