Our vision

To create Bright Faces for every child, everywhere.

We believe every child with a cleft deserves the same
high quality care no matter where he or she is born,
but sadly that is not always the case.

We want to change this

Bright Faces seeks out those that are forgotten or ignored, and we provide our services free of charge to those in need. Our patients and their families could not dream of the care we provide, and we are happy to give it away.

We also want those patients to receive the same care that we would expect our own children to receive. Bright Faces partners with local and regional groups to operate programs that will deliver high quality, complete care. From hands-on training and education to capacity building and infrastructure development, we are dedicated to comprehensive treatment programs that are essential to the recovery of a child born with a cleft.

Our purpose is to make a world in which each child with a cleft lip or palate can live a fuller, happier life whether it takes one surgery or a variety of treatments.

“Children with facial deformities in remote areas are some of the most underserved people in the world. I am proud of our life changing work and grateful for your support. Seeing a mother’s face light up after seeing her child’s repaired cleft is both beautiful and affirming of our mission.”

James Fox, CEO

Board of Directors

Bright Faces was created to find and serve the thousands, perhaps millions, of cleft lip and palate patients living in the most remote and medically-inaccessible regions of the world. Our five founding board members each have a long history of philanthropy and partnerships with nonprofit medical organizations, and they bring their strengths, unique expertise, and passion together through Bright Faces to help these patients receive the expert care they deserve.

Michael Apa, DDS
Rosenthal Apa Group New York, NY
Lacey Tisch
Loews Hotels New York, NY
Deborah Shainfeld
Aloha Empire Design Beverly Hills, CA
Carl Treleaven, Vice Chairman
Westlake Ventures, Inc. St. Petersburg, FL
William Fox, Chairman
Fox Properties, Inc. Detroit, MI


Ellie Parker
Programs Associate
Jeff Kliewer
Development Advisor
James Fox
Ben Homrighausen
Director, Development
Angie Stokes
Vice President, Finance
Dee Dee Sides
Vice President, Development

Medical Advisory Council

Ellie Parker
Jeff Kliewer
James Fox
Ben Homrighausen
Angie Stokes
Dee Dee Sides

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