There are many ways for you to get
involved in healing smiles with Bright Faces.


Bright Faces works with a wide variety of companies and foundations to build partnerships that promote a shared interest and mission to bring more smiles to the world and create long-term changes in unique and impactful ways.

Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more about how we can be a force for change and smiles.


Volunteerism plays a critically important role at Bright Faces, however, our approach is very strategic. We do not send large numbers of volunteers as our focus is on building local and regional capacity in the most efficient and effective way. Therefore, our team works to facilitate and assist in sending the right medical volunteers to the right places at the right time.

If you are interesting in being a medical volunteer for Bright Faces, please contact and be ready with your credentials including, license, diploma, specialty diploma, board certification, with others possibly needed.

Volunteer FAQ