Bright Faces is more than a name. It also perfectly illustrates
the work we do and our programmatic focus.

Our Approach

Through our support of local and regional partners, Bright Faces is focused on meeting the surgical and medical needs of children born with cleft each and every day, as well as eliminating the backlog of patients still awaiting care – no matter where they live. This requires a multi-faceted approach that delivers both immediate and longer-term solutions.

We Treat

Bright Faces facilitates comprehensive care, including specialized medical services, for children and adults with cleft lip and/or cleft palate – all 100% free. Services provided include:

Physical Exams

Each patient receives a full physical exam – many times it is the first time they have ever been seen by a doctor.

Pre- and Post-Operative Care

Our team of specialists prepare each patient and their families for what to expect before and after surgery.


A cleft surgery can take as little as 45 minutes to complete


A full dental exam is performed during the initial screening process before surgery

Speech Therapy & Audiology

For older children and adults, specialists evaluate speech and hearing while seeking to improve language and communication skills

Social Work

We work with patient and families to assess and manage the emotional pain and stress they experienced living with a cleft

We Train

We collaborate with in-country partners to effectively address the gap in qualified surgeons and health workers across all levels of care. Our international and local volunteer teams conduct hands-on training and share best practices, all adhering to the highest safety and medical standards. We also organize specialized education exchange programs focused on elevating the level and quality of care delivered.

“On returning to one hospital we saw a huge difference in the hospital and staff that was a direct result of our hands-on training. The collaborative learning and educational exchange that happens improves care for all patients” Debi, OR Nurse

We Transform

Our view is to always build programs with the long-term in mind – and to devise and deliver smart solutions that not only transform individual smiles and families, but also communities and nations. Bright Faces concentrates on the most effective ways to create greater access to surgery as well as opportunities to lift the overall scope of care available for patients living in the most remote areas. Through a combination of initiatives and partnerships, we help equip and empower both the current and next generation of local care providers – creating measurable change now and into the future.